“Our Eurovision family might be rooted in Europe, but there are no borders in our community.”

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Have a Very Eurovision Christmas!

ORIGINAL: Take Me to Your Heaven CHRISTMAS VERSION: Make it home for Christmas                           Shadows dancing slowly on my wallMoonlight painting silver to theSound of heartbeatMagical emotions take controlKnowing we will meet before the night is overThen I gonna make you mineLove you till the end of timeTake me to your heavenHold on to a dreamTake…

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What Is The True Potential of Eurovision – Australia Decides?

However, if Australia Decides were to increase its number of viewers as a percentage of total population from 1.3% to France’s 3.5%, Australia’s national final would reach approximately 900,000 viewers, surpassing Portugal’s Festival da Cançāo and getting closer to Norway’s MGP.

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Eurovision Fam Feature: A Brazilian Love For Eurovision

It’s definitely hard to be so far away and having no one in real life to speak to about the contest, the added difficulty to attend and to be near all your favorite artists and knowing you won’t be able to vote or to feel the excitement of seeing your country win and welcoming the show on the following year and all that comes with it!

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