Who We Are

“Our Eurovision family might be rooted in Europe, but there are no borders in our community.”

We are a collective of creators who LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest— but our countries do NOT compete. So if you’re wondering why the content here feels a little different, it’s because it is. Our goal is to provide a fresh, honest and fun take on the Eurovision Song Contest. 

From interviews to polls, think pieces to live streams— this space is for any and all in our Eurovision Family!


Sydni is a Eurovision enthusiast from the United States. “Eurovision is all about coming together and enjoying art. Music is a universal language and we can all join together no matter where we are from and for the three minutes we are enjoying a Eurovision Entry together we are united by that entry. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Elda Mengisto (she/her) 

Elda Mengisto (she/her) is a graduate of the University of Washington, and is an aspiring international relations scholar and writer. She got introduced to Eurovision in early 2017, and likes the contest for its intercultural dialogue and variety of music.  Outside of Eurovision, she likes drawing, reading, and fencing.

Augusto Domínguez (he/him) is an Eurovision fan from the Dominican Republic and currently lives there. After discovering the contest in 2005, he has followed it every year since 2006. He pursued his graduate studies in Western Michigan University, and currently works as a public servant in his home country.

Jordan P.

Jordan Pastor is a resident of a town on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay called Martinez. He loves Eurovision because it’s spontaneous, spectacular, and worlds of fun on top of being inclusive and adaptable to modern times. In his own words, “Every year brings a new plethora of vibrant songs, and a myriad of beautiful stories.” Other than his love for the contest, He is also a server/bartender at a breakfast diner called Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe (founded by Mike Dirnt from Green Day) and a fiction novelist in the psych thriller genre. “I have a bad habit of saturating my books with Eurovision references, but I think it makes things pretty fun in general – Eurovision always does!”

Alesia Michelle

Alesia Michelle (she/her) decided to use her gift of the gab for good. A digital communicator at a labor union by day, Alesia enjoys singing and actually appeared on Showtime at the Apollo (twice)- and did not get booed. When she isn’t working, Alesia loves politics, reality TV and the Eurovision Song Contest.