Class of #Eurovision2023 Post Contest Chart Success

It has been little more than two weeks since the pyro was turned off, the fog cleared, and the confetti settled on the stage in Liverpool, and the Eurovision Contestants have been busy climbing up the music charts.

image credit Corinne Cumming/EBU

United Kingdom Chart Success

The first week after Eurovision The UK Singles Chart saw four Eurovision Songs in the top ten for the first time ever. On May 19, the chart featured Norway’s Queen of Kings by Alessandra in tenth,  the UK’s very own Mae Mueller in 9th with her Eurovision entry I Wrote a Song, Finland’s Cha Cha Cha by Käärijä in sixth (also the highest charting song in Finish, ever, in the United Kingdom, and the 2023 winner Loreen in second with her song Tattoo (this is one spot higher then her peak position of third with her 2012 winning tune Euphoria). 

Now a week later three of these songs (I Wrote a Song by Mae Mueller, Cha Cha Cha by Käärijä, and Tattoo by Loreen) are still in the top twenty.

Success Across Europe

The three Nordic nations that qualified for the Final, Sweden, Finland, and Norway has all seen the most chart success on iTunes, Apple Music Streaming, and Spotify

In Germany (the third largest music market in the world), three of the 2023 songs made it into the Top 25 Billboard Chart for this week. Norway entered the chart at 25, Finland at 18th, but once again it was Loreen who premiered on top finishing at 11th, just missing out on the top 10. Germany’s own song, Blood and Glitter did not make the singles chart, but the album Blood and Glitter that Lord of the Lost’s entry was taken from did peak at number one on the album charts back in January.

Despite not yet winning the contest, Iceland loves Eurovision. Their Top 40 chart reflects this too with 17 of the 37 songs, this makes them the country with the most charting Eurovision entries. The four of the top 5 songs are from Eurovision– Tattoo, Cha Cha Cha, and Queen of Kings included, and their non-qualifying song Power by Diljá. Even Daði Freyr’s cover of Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again from the grand final interval charted at 15th. 

Across much of Europe Tattoo is finding success in much the same way that Euphoria did. The song has made it to number one in Austria, Flanders, Greece, Iceland, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the not back just yet Luxembourg,and of course her home nation of Sweden. An additional 18 countries have had Loreen’s winning song chart in their top 10 (including a number of countries that no longer compete in the contest).

Success Outside of Europe

Outside of Europe, Cha Cha Cha has found success on the Viral Charts. The song peaked at number one in Canada and the United States (the world’s biggest music market) (following the use of the song at an NHL Hockey Game). Finland’s 2023 entry is even did well on the viral charts in Asia, reaching number one in Singapore and Hong Kong, and even peaking at number three on Japan’s Viral Chart (the second largest music market in the world). The song is the first ever to be number one on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart in the Finnish language

Loreen’s Tattoo charted on the Viral Global Chart peaking at number two on the chart. She continues to trend on the Viral Charts in a number of charts across the world on Spotify. There was even one point in the week following Eurovision when the song was on every single Spotify Viral Chart across the world. Her success is even evident on  Billboard’s various charts, reaching 7th on the Billboard Global Excluding the US Top 10.  

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