Karmento: “I took my guitar, and it just happened!”

Through the combination of her first & last name, she’s known artistically as Karmento, and is one of the 18 artists competing in Benidorm Fest 2023. We had the opportunity to talk to her about her musical journey, her song “Quiero y duelo”, and more.

Eurovision-Fam: What was your impression of Benidorm Fest 2022? And what motivated you to submit a song for 2023?

Karmento: I really liked Benidorm Fest 2022. I already followed some of the artists who made their proposals last year, and it was a very pleasant surprise to find them in Benidorm, in fact, that was a stronger motivation for me to submit a song this year.

E-F: What was your reaction when you received the news that you were chosen for this year’s contest?

K: It felt a huge amount of joy, for sure more intense than I expected. I mean, I wanted to be chosen, but also I had some doubts, I guess fears are very wild 😀 but when David, my manager called me with the news, I felt really happy. And at that moment I knew that I had made a good decision.

E-F: What were your first memories of Eurovision, and are there any songs you like from previous contests?

K: I remember Eurovision from… ever! (laughs) That is not entirely true. I remember the track song on the Spanish TV show, probably since I was a little child, and the image, like a circle with the words EUROVISION that appeared on the TV screen, also I remember the voice of Jose Luis Uribarri, narrating the contest. My first clear memory is Sergio Dalma, whit “Bailar Pegados”. To be honest, I wasn’t an Eurofan before, but I can remember some artists: Loreen, Massiel (how not?!), Domenico with “Volare”, the year of Dana, or Salvador Sobral, also Maneskin, Alexander Rybak, Ruth Lorenzo and Pastora Soler!

E-F: The sound of “Quiero y duelo” is very ethnic, very deep into the heart of Spain. How proud are you of your cultural background?

K: Well, my music has made me aware of how deep into my heart are my roots and my culture. I didn’t even know! It’s curious, I am a wanderer, a nomadic, and thanks to that, I have built myself in a very open way to understand the world, and the differences, and also to be aware of how simple and common is the feeling of home, of belonging, I think that is a universal feeling. Karmento drove me back into my roots and cultural identity, I have a kind and united family, an amazing community around me, a beautiful village, an old and rich heritage… Of course, I feel very proud of them.

E-F: What was the songwriting process like?

K: I was in my village, Bogarra. I was spending a few days alone, working in the show after publishing my second album “Este devenir“. It was a day in the middle of July, and after the “everyday walk” to the river, I opened my San Miguel beer …probably, 🙂 took my guitar, and it just happened! Quiero y duelo. was an “already written song”, sometimes happens, the song is there, it comes to you, and you translate to the words and melodies. It was an easy, natural, and organic composition.

E-F: Since we’re just days away from everything taking place in Benidorm, what can we expect from you on stage?

K: Essentially, I want to show you who I am, as an artist.

E-F: You have released 2 albums so far. Are you recording your third album?

K: Not just right now, because I am focusing on the present duties at Benidorm. But, of course, after two years and a half from “Este devenir“, I’d like to work on the next stories during the next year, also I feel that they (the stories) start pushing to be told, sometimes they are capricious, so I don’t think I can make them wait too long.

E-F: How is 2023 looking for your career?

K: I was talking about this with a friend, a few days ago… I feel very confident with 2023, we worked a lot, the last 3 years especially. I think 2023 wants to be generous and benevolent with all the people who have chosen their goals, walking their path. I’m sure of that, it’s time to pick some fruits up.

E-F: Lastly, how do you feel about getting a new fan base across the world, like in Latin America? Where in the world would you like to perform in the future?

K: How I could feel about it!? That was and is one of my little big artist dreams, spreading my music around the world, especially in Latin America, I know we will have a beautiful match. I had the chance to live in Central America for 4 months many years ago, and I hold that experience deep inside of me. I dream of a tour, singing and playing with you, crossing your gorgeous landscapes, drinking and talking with your people, mixing our love and music, and arts… I really hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Here you can stream her song “Quiero y duelo”:

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