Pop Punk at Eurovision? Germany’s Lonely Spring says: Why Not!

15 Questions with Germany’s Lonely Spring. [Unser Lied für Liverpool, Interview]

“Emo is alive.” Check out Alesia Michelle’s interview with Unser Lied für Liverpool’s Lonely Spring. They are bringing their song “Misfit” to the mix— can it win and represent Germany at #Eurovision2023

Learn more about the group here.

Published by Alesia Michelle

This talkative girl decided to use her gift of the gab for good. Alesia is a graduate of Hampton University, with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism. Alesia enjoys singing and actually appeared on Showtime at the Apollo (twice)- and did not get booed. When she isn’t working, Alesia loves politics, reality TV and is your favorite American fan of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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