A Virtual Press Room: The Future Of Covering Eurovision?

When the pandemic hit last year and the Eurovision Song Contest was canceled it was an unprecedented event. 

Countless events were either canceled, scaled back, or adjusted. One aspect that still needed some finesse in late Spring was how to give journalists access. From the NBA finals holding press conferences on Zoom to organizations only sending out press releases— the challenges of getting press for your event when you have to limit the number of folks on the ground haven’t completely been resolved. 

For this year’s Eurovision Song Contest the EBU states

“This year, in response to the global pandemic, an Online Press Centre will also be available for the first time to enable coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest from your own country. The online platform will provide access to press conferences and rehearsals as well as the opportunity for interaction with the artists taking part. ALL journalists accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest will be able to access the Online Press Centre, including those physically attending the event.”

With the Eurovision Song Contest regularly bringing together so many folks from all across the world could this virtual pressroom opportunity stick around for years to come?

There are real barriers many journalists and content creators face when it comes to covering the Eurovision Song Contest holistically on the ground. From the flights, the hotels, your food while you’re there— it can be very costly to cover the Song Contest… This isn’t including the intangible costs like the ability to take the time to be on the ground for the full 3 weeks of rehearsals, pre-show events, dress rehearsals, and ultimately the semi and grand final.

These barriers can severely limit the makeup of the press corps for the Eurovision Song Contest. With a virtual option, the press corps could become more diverse in country of origin AND personal background. 

What do you think? Do you think the EBU will continue to offer an online press center for journalists and content creators moving forward? Comment below!

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