Can Czechia Make an Impact at #Eurovision2024?

The Czech Republic is keeping the momentum going and retuning to the Eurovision Song Contest community. Seven artists: Aiko, Elly, Gianna Lei, Lenny, MYDY, Tom Sean, and Tomas Robin are in the running to represent Czechia at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest happening in Malmö, Sweden. The Czech Republic’s national selection prides QUALITY over QUANTITY,Continue reading “Can Czechia Make an Impact at #Eurovision2024?”

Junior Eurovision 2023 in Nice, France!

20 Years on from its debut, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is going as strong as ever. This year, we are in the French seaside city of Nice thanks to the winner Lisandro who represented France in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2022 with the jazzy, electric number, “Oh Maman!”. This year, 16 countriesContinue reading “Junior Eurovision 2023 in Nice, France!”

We’re back! EurovisionFam Weekly Stream 56

LiliLoves and ShortcakeESC are back again with the weekly EurovisionFam stream, heading into Malmö! For the first episode of the season, we talk about the news to come out in the last few months, including: the host city announcement, the artists from Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, and France; the beginning of the national finals in Albania,Continue reading “We’re back! EurovisionFam Weekly Stream 56”

And Hello to You, Eurovision with AI?

From algorithm camps to staging advice to fully generated songs, artificial intelligence could be the next frontier in Eurovision’s quest to utilize modern technologies. But the moral implications of AI puts the question of if the delegations should use these tools in the name of winning a contest.

Five Things We Missed from Luxembourg While They Were Away

The 2024 Contest will feature the first appearance of Luxembourg in 30 years. What did they succeed at while they were in Eurovision?

Madrid Mola, And So Does Eurovision-Spain’s Annual Pre-Party

It’s the beginning of spring, better weather is upon us, and also it’s Easter weekend… so if you have no plans and have the budget to afford the trip: Pre-Party E-S in Madrid is the right one for anyone. And for us, fans from non-participating countries, this event can be the perfect match for thoseContinue reading “Madrid Mola, And So Does Eurovision-Spain’s Annual Pre-Party”

A Fun, Vibrant Party at the Swedish Club

In a little corner of the Pacific Northwest, the Swedish Club hosted a Eurovision Watch Party for the first time in many years. Taking place in a city with a substantial Nordic influence, it shows how Eurovision can create its own niche outside of Europe.