Getting to Know Mia Dimšić — More Than a Guilty Pleasure

Translation, tambura, and Taylor Swift–all things make up Mia Dimsic, who has a strong musical resume to offer. As a star singer breaking through country music, “Guilty Pleasure” reflects her understated style and songwriting.

DIY Like Stela Cole: Georgia’s Representative for the American Song Contest

Georgia is known for its Southern culture, and Stela both encapsulates its charm and its finger on the pulse of music. With her blend of hip-hop and doo-wop, she’s determined to make her state proud, doing it herself with “DIY”. Could she bring on the noise?

Should You Get Too Political? Eurovision, the Olympics, and the Apolitical Ideal

In the month following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we saw several organizations hesitate on punishing the country before slowly isolating it from the world. The IOC and the EBU have similar apolitical goals in history, though foiled due to soft power ambitions and war. Can these be compromised in the future?