Stefan: “I feel that especially now we need hope for a better future”

With his guitar, a cinematic filter, and a tune that could fit in a spaghetti Western movies, Stefan brings to Turin an epic song about resilience, one which he believes the message is necessary today.

Cornelia Jakobs: “My goal was to stay close to myself and show what I can do”

Acquainted with the music industry in a number of ways, Cornelia Jakobs sees winning Melodifestvalen as a highlight. Not only through garnering a major hit and representing Sweden, but also showcasing her artistry in a wild music industry.

Kalush Orchestra: “We feel it is a responsibility to be useful to our country by being present here.”

After a journey to get to Turin, Kalush Orchestra is determined to showcase their blend of Ukrainian folk music and hip hop on stage. But with the circumstances, they not only sing an ode to Stefania, but also to all mothers.

Eurovision Songs for Earth Day

Earth Day is here, which means we realize this planet is the only one we have. Here are some Eurovision songs which follow up on Citi Zeni’s advice–being green is cool!

Getting to Know Mia Dimšić — More Than a Guilty Pleasure

Translation, tambura, and Taylor Swift–all things make up Mia Dimsic, who has a strong musical resume to offer. As a star singer breaking through country music, “Guilty Pleasure” reflects her understated style and songwriting.