Benidorm Fest 2024 – What We Know So Far

Eurovision 2024 is coming our way, and we are learning more about each country’s selection method. Today, Spanish broadcaster Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) has given us the first round of updates of the third version of their Eurovision national final, Benidorm Fest.

Something we’d like to share about this show is that even with a new government taking over the reins of the city this summer, Benidorm Fest has not lost an ounce of support from neither the Generalitat nor the city council. The two local government representatives highlighted how vital and valuable the BF brand & experience have been for the city of Benidorm and its tourist industry.

The event also included appearances from Massiel and Blanca Paloma, Spain’s ESC representatives from 1968 & 2023. Benidorm Fest 2023 contestant, Vicco, also appeared (via video chat) at this event and spoke about how “Nochentera” and its mainstream success has changed her career.

Led by RTVE’s Head of Press, María Eizaguirre, together with Spanish HoD Ana María Bordas, executive producer César Vallejo, and lastly Pablo Cebrián & David Martínez (you know him as Rayden, yes, the icon from 2022) as representatives of the expert jury that will go through the selection of the 2024 contestants. Here are the major aspects discussed about BF 2024:

  • The official dates are: January 30 (Semi-Final 1), February 1 (Semi-Final 2) & February 3, 2024 (Final)
  • As of this date, they have received more submissions than the previous 2 editions combined (when compared to the same stage of the submissions process).
  • Submissions will close on October 10, 2023.
  • A songwriting camp will take place in September.
  • The 16 competing acts will be announced on November 11, 2023 as part of the 2023 Latin Grammys-related activities in Seville (RTVE is a co-sponsor of the awards this year).

When it comes to the songwriting camp, executive producer César Vallejo, explained that they will ask the major labels in the country to send representatives to the camp. And depending on the outcomes of this first experience, they may consider repeating it for future editions of Benidorm Fest. 

Vallejo later spoke on how successful acts might feel about joining BF if promoted as a competition and mentioned that this was a big platform for their craft, as well, as these artists have to be approached in a different manner. Also, Vallejo pointed out how big it is for upcoming artists to check out the terms & conditions by the time they apply.

Both Pablo Cebrián & David “Rayden” Martínez were approached with the task of helping to recruit artists to apply to Benidorm Fest. Rayden was very factual on how positive the BF platform has been for artists and stated that some fellow artists feel that this is a very crazy idea. Meanwhile, Pablo spoke on how nobody loses from the exposure they get for participating at Benidorm Fest and also emphasized how important it is for artists to stay true to themselves while being part of the experience.
This is all we have for now.

So, Eurovision Fam, are you hyped for the upcoming edition of Benidorm Fest?

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