Eurovision Fam Feature: A Fan From The California Shores!

Here in the Eurovision Fam we want to feature YOU! No, not all of you, but a few YOUs in the Eurovision Song Contest fandom. As always, this is a site where we are highlighting and centering the voices of individuals who are not from Eurovision participating countries. 

Check out the latest Eurovision Family Member:
Jordan aka Shortcake ESC

Where are you from?

San Francisco, USA

When and how did you discover the Eurovision Song Contest? 

June 2014 after seeing an article about Conchita Wurst

What is your all-time favorite Eurovision Song?

Who is your favorite Eurovision winner?

1944 by Jamala, 2016 was a perfect show that stayed dynamic and dramatic until the very end + the song is a timeless winner

What is your favorite Eurovision Contest year?

2016 – but I also love 2012 and 1991

If you could change one thing about the Eurovision Song Contest what would it be and why?

I would like for alternating guest countries to participate, much like Australia in 2015

What do you LOVE about being in the Eurovision fan community?

Acceptance, ability to meet new people, language-learning, music-discovering, understanding new political discourse 

What is the hardest thing about being a fan NOT from a participating country?

We can never attribute ourselves with contest entries

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