#Eurovision2023 Entries to WATCH!

The musical extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest is right around the corner and if you’re new to this European spectacle, you might be wondering which countries you should really make a point to catch live. Look no further: this is your ultimate guide for the #Eurovision2023 entries to WATCH!

  1. Croatia: Politics meets punk with Let 3’s “Mama ŠČ!,” the national selection performance included drag, an outfit reveal, and the song is referencing a tractor. What more does one need to know? The LED screens will be packed with striking visuals and the styling alone will be reason to tune in. They’re making a statement and this is one of those times where performance art gets a soundtrack.
  2. Finland: Already a viral and visual feast before Käärijä took the stage at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, prepare yourself to consume the most notable green bolero in history (well it will be). With manic ballroom dancers and a pulsating energy this is likely to be one of the most memorable performances on the 2023 Eurovision stage.
  3. France: The PR train is in full swing and the French delegation is teasing something really spectacular. The styling and vocals from La Zarra were already reason to be excited. The French team came close to winning in 2021 and they are definitely hungry for the win. France is rising in the odds and most folks would have you believe it due to what is likely to happen on the stage… we shall see if the hype is real.
  4. Georgia: With one of the most powerful music videos this year, Georgia is looking to flip their fortunes at the Eurovision Song Contest and they likely will this year. Iru is singing “Echo,” and is already known in Eurovision circles, since she won Junior Eurovision at age 11 in 2011 with the band Candy. One of the most talked songs this year with lyrical content similar to that of a riddling fortune cookie, what the song lacks in cohesive narrative it makes up for with powerful vocals and visuals. This is going to be a visual feast.
  5. Germany: Metal lovers unite! Schlager rock is on the Eurovision stage with Lord of the Lost’s “Blood and Glitter”. Lord of the Lost are seasoned talent with a history of creating striking imagery in their music videos and performances. Germany always invests in their Eurovision entries and they have the chance to finish on the left hand side of the leaderboard. A song with “blood” and “glitter” in the title is sure to be something to SEE.
  6. Israel: Noa Kirel is a bonafide pop girlie. Expect high voltage choreo, clean camera angles, and modern styling. Israel always knows how to put on a show and this year will be no different. The song is designed in a way where there will be several moments for Noa to shine. This is going to feel like a MTV VMAs performance and you won’t want to miss it.
  7. Moldova: With a history of visually making an impact on the Eurovision stage, Pasha Parfeni’s “Soarele şi Luna,” is one part witchy trance, two parts hypnotic ethnic journey, with a dash of dance… Not convinced yet? Just see what he did at Moldova’s national selection, Etapa Naţională. Moldova is never one to fumble the bad when it comes to staging.
  8. Portugal: Fossè, Caberet, Chicago— Musical Theater fans, this one’s for you. Mimicat’s “Ai Coração,” impactful unrequited love song is a joyful ride that you won’t forget. Mimicat’s performance will accented by dancers and likely claps from the crowd in Liverpool and your living room (or wherever you’re watching).
  9. Serbia: Imagine a dystopian society, well don’t imagine it because you’re going to see it on the stage with Luke Black’s performance of “Samo Mi Se Spava”. This industrial electronic song is ambitious and unique. There’s no song like it at the Eurovision Song Contest this year and Luke’s performance is only going to be elevated from the national selection, Pesma Za Evroviziju.
  10. Spain: Blanca Paloma, not only wrote her song but she is the creative force behind her styling and visual performance at Benidorm Fest. Prepare to be hypnotized for 3 minutes of ethnic vocals and electronic beats. Every camera angle, set piece, and shoe is a perfectly curated element in this intentional art piece.

Whether these folks are able “win” the whole thing is yet to be decided, but these entires will definitely get on the stage serving something memorable for years to come.

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in the Liverpool Arena on Saturday May 13th with Semi-Finals on May 9th and 11th. Learn more.

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