#MakeEurovisionAffordable: I asked AI what countries could host a more affordable Eurovision in 2024

From the flight prices, hotel accommodations, and ticket prices— many fans are simply priced out of participating in this year’s festivities in-person. Find out how Eurovision 2024 could possibly be more affordable for fans to travel to

Get An Inside Look Into Neon Soho’s “Endless World” [Interview]

Instead of composing something directly for the Eurovision Song Contest, Neon Soho is presenting an entry in Portugal’s national selection, Festival da Canção that is true to themselves. Learn more about this innovative band in this interview with Alesia Michelle.

A Ridiculous 2023 Eurovision Qualification Prediction Based off the Semi-Final Allocation Draw

With the allocation draw completed and the tea leaves simmering—let’s make some completely ridiculous predictions for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

S10 is serving a mature and modern sound for Eurovision 2022

She might be one of the younger performers to hit the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Turin, but S10 is bringing a mature and elevated track to the Song Contest stage and has many talking winner potential.

Brooke Alexx is bringing female empowerment to the American Song Contest

Special effects, choreography and female empowerment are just a few hints at what Brooke Alexx is going to deliver on the American Song Contest stage. Singer-songwriter Brooke Alexx will be representing New Jersey but currently calls Nashville home. This self proclaimed, “pop starlet meets girl-next-door,” cites Taylor Swift as a major influence and that inspirationContinue reading “Brooke Alexx is bringing female empowerment to the American Song Contest”