EurovisionFam stands with Ukraine.

Hello, Eurovision Family. If you’ve been up to date with the recent events and have seen the current status of the crisis of Russian aggression in Ukraine, you understand that we’re in a time of acute uncertainty and fear that largely supersedes the entertainment prospects of the Eurovision Song Contest. We will continue to provide dialogue and commentary on ESC as news in its immediate regard becomes relevant, but adhering to the unifying philosophy of the contest and with regard to the Charter of the United Nations, we absolutely reject any and all forms of violence being used as a tool to gain influence or power. The safety and integrity of the sovereign nations of the EBU and nations beyond are paramount to the simple question of human safety, life and liberty; and we at EurovisionFam stand with the people of Ukraine in rejecting modern Russian imperialism. No more lives should be lost. Слава Україні!

UPDATE on Friday, February 25th at 9:15 PST

The European Broadcasting Union has decided to suspend the Russian delegation from taking part in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in light of recent developments and no Russian act will participate in the event.

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