#MakeEurovisionAffordable: I asked AI what countries could host a more affordable Eurovision in 2024

As an American Eurovision fan, I am completely biased when it comes to making The Eurovision Song Contest a more affordable experience for fans, locals, and delegations alike. It’s truly a privilege to be able to witness the Eurovision Song Contest IRL (in real life) and a privilege I believe all die hard fans should have the chance to experience.

High costs are hitting folks all across the world— from grocery stores, to the gas pump, concert halls, and other everyday expenses. Putting the Eurovision Song Contest together has always been a pricey endeavor and it isn’t getting any cheaper. This year 37 countries are participating, down from last year with many broadcasters being honest that cost is the culprit for their lack of participation.

From the flight prices, hotel accommodations, and ticket prices— many fans are simply priced out of participating in this year’s festivities in-person.

As we look towards 2024, I couldn’t help but to think about the options for more affordable host countries…

So I turned to the internet’s latest craze to help me out: Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the form of ChatGPT.

Find out how Eurovision 2024 could possibly be more affordable for fans to travel to

Me: What is the most affordable place that Eurovision could be held?

I started off broad because, ultimately, who knows who is winning Eurovision this year.

ChatGPT: The cost of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest can vary widely depending on the location, the venue, and the scale of the event. Generally, larger cities with established infrastructure and plenty of hotels and transportation options tend to be more expensive to host the contest.

That being said, there are some cities and countries that may be more affordable options for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Some factors to consider when determining affordability might include:

  1. Venue costs: Look for cities with existing venues that can accommodate the Eurovision Song Contest, such as arenas, convention centers, or stadiums. Hosting the contest in an existing venue can help keep costs down compared to building a new venue from scratch.
  2. Accommodation costs: Choose a city with a range of affordable hotels and accommodations for the participants, delegations, and visitors.
  3. Transportation costs: Look for cities with efficient and affordable transportation systems, such as public transit, to make it easy for visitors to get around.
  4. Labor costs: Consider cities with lower labor costs, which could help keep production and staffing expenses down.

Based on these factors, some affordable options for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest could include smaller cities or towns with existing venues and affordable accommodations, such as Ljubljana in Slovenia, Vilnius in Lithuania, or Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Additionally, some Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, or Moldova may be more affordable options due to lower labor costs and the availability of existing venues.

Me: For American Eurovision fans what would be the cheapest Eurovision host country to attend the show?

Look, I am an American, so I had to figure out what was really the cheapest bet for us stateside Eurovision fans who want to travel to the Eurovision Song Contest.

ChatGPT: For American Eurovision fans, the cheapest Eurovision host country to attend the show would depend on a variety of factors, such as the exchange rate, the cost of flights, accommodation, food, and drink, as well as the cost of Eurovision tickets themselves.

That being said, in general, Eastern European countries tend to be more affordable destinations for American travelers compared to Western European countries. For example, Ukraine, Belarus, and Bulgaria are typically more affordable than countries like Germany, France, or the United Kingdom.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the cost of attending Eurovision can vary greatly depending on the year and the location of the contest. Some years, the cost of tickets and accommodation may be higher than others, so it’s always a good idea to do some research and compare prices before making any travel plans.

Ultimately, the best way to find the cheapest Eurovision host country to attend the show is to research and compare costs, and to be flexible with your travel dates and itinerary.

Me: What country would be a cheaper destination for Eurovision fans to travel to: Sweden, Norway, or Finland?

These Nordic countries are undeniable frontrunners for Eurovision 2023, so I wanted to figure out the most affordable Nordic country.—

ChatGPT: In general, Finland would be a more affordable destination for Eurovision fans to travel to compared to Sweden or Norway. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Accommodation costs: The cost of accommodation in Finland tends to be lower than in Sweden or Norway, particularly in cities like Helsinki or Tampere where there are a variety of budget-friendly options.
  2. Food and drink costs: The cost of food and drink in Finland is generally lower than in Sweden or Norway, particularly when it comes to dining out or enjoying a night on the town.
  3. Transportation costs: Public transportation in Finland tends to be more affordable than in Sweden or Norway, particularly in larger cities where there are tram, bus or metro systems.
  4. Ticket prices: While the cost of Eurovision tickets can vary depending on the year and the location, tickets for the contest in Finland would likely be more affordable than in Sweden or Norway due to lower overall costs.

I recently put together a top 10 for Eurovision 2023 and Spain and Sweden are in the top 2 positions. So it made sense to figure out which country would be the more affordable option.

Why is affordability important?

  1. More participation. When more countries are able to participate in the Contest, the more viewers the show gets. Also, if this is all about bringing folks together and uniting— the more the merrier.
  2. More exposure for artists and host city/country. With higher viewership that presents an opportunity for artists to get way more exposure and pick up more fans. It is no mystery that Eurovision can be a vehicle for international stardom. More folks traveling means more revenue for host cities and more folks posting incessantly about the shows, city, and artists (WIN + WIN + WIN).
  3. Allocating costs elsewhere. If the EBU and broadcasters can save money on travel and accommodation costs, they could channel that leftover budget into things like innovative staging, styling, and additional promo pieces for the artists. Also, if the overall cost of Song Contest participation is less there could be more money for the artists to go to the various pre-parties.

Although ChatGPT is a bot and is designed to be an unbiased resource, it has left us with clear options if we want an affordable Eurovision host country.

  • Spain is cheaper than Sweden. Barcelona and Madrid have budget friendly accommodations. The cost of food and drinks is also cheaper than Sweden, so a EuroClub night out could be more affordable in Spain.
  • Of the Nordics, Finland is the all around cheaper option. With the accommodations, transportation, and food prices all lower than their fellow Nordics— Finland is coming out as the cheapest option.
  • In general, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Vilnius in Lithuania, or Cluj-Napoca in Romania would be affordable. Can Joker Out, Monika, or Theodor Andrei deliver a win? Here’s hoping…

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