The Fam’s Eurovision 2023 Ranking!

Now that the rest of the world can vote in Eurovision, who would receive the points from the international fans? That is the question!

EurovisionFam has ranked all 37 of the songs we will see compete against one another in Liverpool. Five sets of votes determined the placement of ten qualifiers in each semifinal based on our personal tastes. I used the traditional jury scale of 1-8 followed by 10 and 12 points for each contributor’s top 10, and the culmination of those points is seen in the list of qualifiers from the first semifinal below.

Portugal – Qualified from SF1

The Netherlands – Qualified from SF1

Finland – Qualified from SF1

Malta – Qualified from SF1

Serbia – Qualified from SF1

Latvia – Qualified from SF1

Sweden – Qualified from SF1

Moldova – Qualified from SF1

Norway – Qualified from SF1

The countries who failed to qualify according to our site vote were Ireland, Croatia, Switzerland, Israel, and Azerbaijan.

Qualifying from the second semifinal with our site vote were the following acts:

Denmark – Qualified from SF2

Armenia – Qualified from SF2

Romania – Qualified from SF2

Iceland – Qualified from SF2

Slovenia – Qualified from SF2

Georgia – Qualified from SF2

Austria – Qualified from SF2

Albania – Qualified from SF2

Lithuania – Qualified from SF2

Australia – Qualified from SF2

The countries who failed to qualify after our votes were Estonia, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Cyprus, and San Marino. With these results in tow, by adding the big 6, these were the songs that consisted the EurovisionFam Grand Final.

The NetherlandsRomania
SerbiaUnited Kingdom

How accurate are our voting finalists to the ones that actually make it to the final on the 13th of May? Only the next few days will tell. Looking at these results, it’s important to keep in mind two essential factors of the EurovisionFam vote: number one, we are still a small fan site. Because we’re a growing team of five people, there will be a number of ties among these participants, which is demonstrated by the size of our voting pool. Second, our staff consists largely of folks from the United States. In years to come, as EurovisionFam expands to include voices from all corners of the world, we’ll see enriched voting results, emboldened by a diversity of musical perspectives. From the finalists, this is how we ranked the songs.

1. Spain14. Australia
2. Sweden15. Georgia
3. Finland16 (tied). Austria
4. Armenia16 (tied). Italy
5. Czechia16 (tied). Lithuania
6. Serbia16(tied.) Portugal
7. Slovenia20. Denmark
8. Ukraine21 (tied). Moldova
9 (tied). France21 (tied). Malta
9 (tied). Latvia21 (tied). Albania
9 (tied). Norway21 (tied). Iceland
9 (tied). The Netherlands21 (tied). Germany
13th. United Kingdom21 (tied). Romania

Eaea ea eaea! Blanca Paloma as our winner is both surprising, and not very surprising at all. Spain won our contest after compiling the set of votes from our 2023 site vote! What can I say other than Blanca is a stellar vocalist who decorates the air with elements of the unique performance art that occupies her entire persona onstage, and she very well could just do it after all. By do it, I mean win of course. I will not be one to succinctly say that our winner signifies the result the international vote will ultimately give, but it could be a somewhat of an indicator for whom the global cloud could possibly be receptive to. In just a few days, we find all of this out for real.

What do you think of our site vote? Do you agree or disagree and why? We want to know your thoughts! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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