Three Songs To Note Daylight Savings Time ending

The end of Daylight Savings Time is known for the elongating nights and shortened days. What are some of the best songs for those who embrace the dark?

Eurovision Explained: Is the Contest political?

The central mission of the Eurovision Song Contest is to share music across boundaries that divide people. When things get awkward, sometimes a question arises: Is Eurovision political?

Eurovision Explained: Who should you be on the lookout for? [Countries to “watch” at #ESC2022]

Where is the cliff notes version of who you need to be checking for. Look no further. Theses are the countries to watch for at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest (so far).

Video Interview – Chatting with Farida from MGP

Jordan –  I interviewed Farida, the singer of “Dangerous” in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. We talk about the experience of the show so far, some of the confirmed Eurovision acts from other countries, the American Song Contest, burning pianos, and a whole lot more! Come dive in!

Video Interview – Chatting with Frode Vassel from MGP

Jordan – I interviewed Frode Vassel, the singer of “Black Flowers” in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. We talk about his experience as a vocalist and his other ventures with shows in Norway, the enchanting quality of folk music, and Saturday’s grand final performance! Come dive in!