Voting Analysis of Eurovision 2023

Eurovision 2023 will go down as the battle between Sweden and Finland, which showcased itself in the voting. While Loreen’s Tattoo won the jury vote in a canter, Käärijä’s Cha Cha Cha won the televote with the joint second-highest televote score ever. What made the difference was Loreen came in second in the televote—despite getting no twelves from any participating country—97 points more than Käärijä’s jury score. 

As a result of the blowouts on both sides, the votes trickled weakly across the rest of the contestants. For example, Moldova, which came in 9th in the televote with 76 points, only received 20 points from the jury. Conversely, Spain, which came in ninth in the jury with 95 points, only received 5 from the televote. 

Blanca Paloma performing “EaEa” at Benidorm Fest 2023. Credits: RTVE

The allocation of points resulted in some “different” or “out of the box” styled songs getting neglected. Spain’s Eaea came in last in the televote with five points, whereas Blood and Glitter came in 24th with 15 points. Austria’s Who the Hell is Edgar, which was a fan-favorite going into the Contest, came in joint 21st with 16 points, alongside Serbia and Portugal.  However, with the exception of Germany, most of these songs placed earlier in the running order–notably, Blanca Paloma performed just before Loreen.

Teya and Salena performing “Who the Hell is Edgar” at Eurovision 2023. Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett

The jury vote had a variety of genres amongst their top ten, though the more mainstream-sounding entries received “top honors”. After Tattoo, Unicorn and Due Vite round out the top three, whereas the rest of the top ten consists of songs as different as Promise—a progressive metal track—and My Sister’s Crown, a song which mixes different languages and genres in a feminist anthem. The latter two did notably worse in the televoting, with Australia receiving only 21 televoting points, and Czechia 35, though historically both countries do better with the jury.

Voyager performing at Eurovision 2023. Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett
Vesna performed My Sister’s Crown for Czechia at the First Semi-Final at Liverpool Arena. Photo Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett

Filled with interesting songs voting alike, Eurovision 2023 will be known for the diversity in genres involved. While some of these songs would have success in the one side of the voting, it would get neglected on the other. This would prove pivotal in how Loreen won–she had one of the highest jury scores ever, but she also had the televote score to get the crown.

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