5 Eurovision Things To Do In Turin

The Eurovision Song Contest is fast approaching, and with pre-party season almost over and tickets now sold out, fans that will be in Turin for Eurovision have started building an itinerary full of fun things to do. 

From going on a delicious culinary tour and admiring the architecture and history of the Royal Palace of Turin, to watching a soccer match at the Juventus Stadium, Turin can provide a rich cultural experience to any visitor. However, Eurovision fans all over the world have one thing in common – we can’t get enough of all-things Eurovision – which is why it is equally important to fill our travel itinerary with key Eurovision events and activities while in Turin. So, if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to be in Turin during Eurovision season, then this article is for you!

  1. Explore the Eurovision Village
(Image: eurovision.tv)

The first thing on the list is the Eurovision Village. This is a Eurovision staple that is usually organized by the host city which provides Eurovision fans a week or two full of performances by Eurovision artists, competitions and themed parties. The Eurovision Village also has large screens where all three live shows are screened for everyone to watch the performances and results. This is a great opportunity for fans to meet each other, celebrate and sing to their favourite Eurovision songs as well as trying the local food from the multiple food stalls available in the village.

Last month, the city of Turin and the European Broadcasting Union EBU announced the return of the Eurovision Village. This year’s Eurovision Village will be hosted at Parco del Valentino in Turin, one of the most popular parks in the city. Parco del Valentino has many attractions to offer including botanical gardens, the baroque castle, the medieval village and many others.

Parco del Valentino (Image: eurovision.tv)

The Eurovision Village opens its door to the general public on May 7th and its last operative day is the May 14th. The full event program has now been revealed on the Eurovision website. Click on this link for more information regarding the Eurovision Village and the full schedule.

2. Attend Euro Club events

(Image: BAUHAUS of Torino)

The next thing to check out is the Euro Club, a venue or set of venues where fans, artists, press, delegations, event organisers and the general public can go to enjoy music, drinks, a good dance and mingle among each other. This year there will be parties and concerts organised by the City of Turin as well as by the delegations themselves to promote the artists’ music and showcase their Eurovision songs. 

The Euro Club this year will be held across 10 different venues, a combination of restaurants, clubs, coffee shops and popular city hubs that can cater to different types of events. The City of Turn has recently confirmed the name of the venues for this year’s Euro Club, which are available in this link. Usually, the Euro Club is restricted to accredited pass holders, however, this year the organizers have decided to open up the venues to everyone and provide discounted prices to accredited pass holders. 

So, if you are looking to see more from your favourite artists and go dancing with your fellow Eurovision friends, Euro Club will be a worthwhile destination for you, so make sure you check out the Eurovision website for the latest updates on which parties will be on and whether your favourite artist/song will be having a concert.

3. Check out Turin’s LGBTQ+ nightlife

There are multiple gay clubs in Turin that Eurovision fans can visit for a fun night out. It is expected that most of these clubs will have Eurovision-themed parties and events organised for the duration of the contest and Eurovision Fam has listed below a couple of these for you to consider and plan your nights with your friends in Turin. 

Centralino Club / Bananamia

It is one of Turin’s most well-known clubs which hosts several gay-themed parties throughout the year. It is located near the center of Turin at Via delle Rosine. Make sure you check out their instagram page for upcoming events and parties during May.


Queever Club

Another major dance club for the LGBTQ+ community in Turin. They are known for their great music, entertaining drag shows, weekly events and overall involvement in the community. They are also planning an event during Eurovision season which they have recently shared a teaser for in their social media channels. 

Queever Club

Check out their instagram for upcoming details on their Eurovision event

4. “Volare” a Turin! – A Dining Experience

Italy is known for their amazing food, it is one of the world’s leading culinary destinations for a reason! Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region, is also known for amazing food products, particularly, for their chocolate, hazelnuts, egg pasta, red wine and meat products such as veal. The diversity in food options is why Turin is an incredible destination to keep exploring new flavours, dish combinations and unique ingredients. Turin has many restaurants across the city that offer authentic Piedmontese menus as well as other italian favourites. 

“Volare” a Turin is a new event Alesia Michelle will be hosting on May 11th for Eurovision fans to experience a three-course meal degustation of traditional Piedmontese food at one of Turin’s top-rated restaurants. This is also a great opportunity to meet other Eurovision fans, discuss your favourite things about the contest, make friends, and try amazing food. What a better way to keep discovering Turin but with a group of people that share the same passion and love for Eurovision?

For more details on this dining experience and booking your tickets, check out this link

5. Turin Nights Bar Crawl: A Fun Cocktail Experience

Drinking! An essential part of a holiday for many people. Turin has several pubs, cocktail bars and club options for tourists to enjoy during day or night. Eurovision fans visiting Turin will have plenty of options available when it comes to cocktails, wines and beers. 

Turin Nights Bar Crawl is another exciting event for Eurovision fans to experience Turin’s nightlife and enjoy a night out with Alesia Michelle, where you’ll talk all things Eurovision and experience Turin. Together you will traverse the streets and piazzas in the Elegant Centro that fans out from Piazza Castello, home to Madama Palace’s art galleries and the Royal Palace’s museums. Don’t pass up this chance to hit the town and connect with other fans of the amazing song contest.

For more details on this bar crawl and booking your tickets, check out this link

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