Getting to know Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord: 10 things that might surprise you!

  1. You might have heard one of her songs before! If you’ve seen the Netflix series Spinning Out or the show Nudes you might have already been introduced to Amanda’s rich vocal and Scandi production.
  2. She went to school with Sigrid! Singer Songwriter Sigrid is a bonafide Norwegian pop-star with popularity all over the world. Busting on the the music scene in 2017— her hit “Strangers” could have easily brought a Eurovision victory to Norway.
  3. She’s studying medicine, “Dr. Amanda” coming soon! Smarts and creativity—Amanda is currently studying medicine and expresses an interest in possibly becoming a general practitioner.
  4. Best of both worlds! Amanda was born to a Norwegian mother and a Greek father, she spent her early years in Greece and then her family relocated to Norway.
  5. Her indie street cred is real. From touring with Norwegian band Highasakite to citing influences like AURORA— this singer-songwriter’s influences are vast and undeniably unique. “Great voices with great lyrics,” are what it takes to hook this young performer.
  6. She’s athletic! Amanda loves hiking and playing soccer (football, for the rest of the world). She is currently playing on an informal football team with her fellow medical students— they lose a lot but she loves the team.
  7. Her music video was filmed on the Greek island of Symi. Symi is praised by some travel critics for its “romantic and charming” vibe. Homes on the island are colorful and the port acts as the island’s “city center” so-to-speak. The vibe of the island is low key and it’s not filled with too many touristy crowds. The vibe sums up Amanda’s energy to a tee.
  8. She’s got the Czech Republic stuck in her head. 2 parts of the Czech repping duo are from Norway so it’s probably no surprise that Amanda has “Where Are You Now,” stuck in her head.
  9. She honors “the silence”. Amanda isn’t like many who listen to music throughout their day— Amanda is just fine taking in the silence.
  10. She didn’t expect to represent Greece at Eurovision this year. “I didn’t see it coming,” she remarked when reflecting on where she was when she found out. She was in the running to represent Greece this year with some former Eurovision participants and bonafide grecian pop stars; but her authenticity clearly cut through and now she’s representing Greece at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

Published by Alesia Michelle

This talkative girl decided to use her gift of the gab for good. Alesia is a graduate of Hampton University, with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism. Alesia enjoys singing and actually appeared on Showtime at the Apollo (twice)- and did not get booed. When she isn’t working, Alesia loves politics, reality TV and is your favorite American fan of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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