Australia Decides 2022 Video Interview – Jaguar Jonze

In this video interview we had the pleasure to speak with the one and only Jaguar Jonze who competed at Australia Decides 2020 with her song ‘ Rabbit Hole’. She gained the love of Australians and many Eurovision fans all over the world, bringing a unique song concept and one of the most entertaining staging of Australia Decides.

She is now back to Australia Decides 2022 with her song ‘Little Fires’ with the aim to share a very personal and powerful message and hopefully reach the Eurovision stage in Turin this year. Jaguar has previously said that this is her best piece of work so far and that it would be a dream come true to share this message with the rest of the world. In the interview, we discuss the source of inspiration behind ‘Little Fires’, the importance of speaking up and how this song fits within the same emotional journey behind her other recent song releases ‘CUT’ and ‘WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING’.

Jaguar Jonze also shares more with us about her life before entering the music industry as well as who ultimately inspired and motivated her to write music and pursue a career in music. She is a massive Eurovision fan and has shared with Eurovision Fam how much she has gotten to know the Eurovision community, how it has shaped her fan base and where she would like her music to reach beyond Australia and Europe.

Watch the full interview here and learn more about Jaguar Jonze and her future plans!

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