EurovisionFam Weekly Stream: November 4th

Happy Friday, Fam! This week, LiliLoves and Shortcake ESC talk a bit about the updates from this last week on Eurovision as well as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Topics include Eesti Laul, the Dutch selected artists, and the three new songs that have been revealed for JESC. Join us!

IS BRIVIDI THE REVENGE OF SOLDI? Part Two — Sanremo and song #9 at Eurovision

It’s too soft to win, I thought. Little did I know at the time that the fragility I perceived as the achilles heel that evening I’d call the greatest strength of Brividi today.

Australia Decides 2022 Video Interview – Jaguar Jonze

In this video interview we had the pleasure to speak with the one and only Jaguar Jonze who competed at Australia Decides 2020 with her song ‘ Rabbit Hole’. She is now back to Australia Decides 2022 with her song ‘Little Fires’ with the aim to share a very personal and powerful message and hopefully reach the Eurovision stage in Turin in May.

IS BRIVIDI THE REVENGE OF SOLDI? – Part One, Before the Show

Zooming out and looking at their co-competitors, if one thing feels absolutely certain so far, it’s that nothing should be taken at face value in the Festival.

Tanxugueiras: Un homenaje a la cultura gallega y a las pandeireteiras.

Nuestras próximas invitadas del Benidorm Fest, a celebrarse esta semana en la ciudad del mismo nombre, son el trío de pandeireteiras gallegas Tanxugueiras. Formado por Aida, Olaia y Sabela, ellas se han ganado el apoyo de muchos eurofans por combinar los sonidos autóctonos de Galicia combinados con sonidos contemporáneos. “Terra” es cantada mayoritariamente en gallegoContinue reading “Tanxugueiras: Un homenaje a la cultura gallega y a las pandeireteiras.”

UNIQUE: “As long as you sing with your heart, any sound can reach”

We continue our series of interviews with the Benidorm Fest artists for its inaugural edition in 2022 and that will be taking place this Saturday, January 29th. BF will serve as the new national final organized by TVE to select Spain’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. Next to have a chat with us areContinue reading “UNIQUE: “As long as you sing with your heart, any sound can reach””