IS BRIVIDI THE REVENGE OF SOLDI? Part Two — Sanremo and song #9 at Eurovision

It’s too soft to win, I thought. Little did I know at the time that the fragility I perceived as the achilles heel that evening I’d call the greatest strength of Brividi today.

Australia Decides 2022 Video Interview – Jaguar Jonze

In this video interview we had the pleasure to speak with the one and only Jaguar Jonze who competed at Australia Decides 2020 with her song ‘ Rabbit Hole’. She is now back to Australia Decides 2022 with her song ‘Little Fires’ with the aim to share a very personal and powerful message and hopefully reach the Eurovision stage in Turin in May.

IS BRIVIDI THE REVENGE OF SOLDI? – Part One, Before the Show

Zooming out and looking at their co-competitors, if one thing feels absolutely certain so far, it’s that nothing should be taken at face value in the Festival.

Tanxugueiras: Un homenaje a la cultura gallega y a las pandeireteiras.

Nuestras próximas invitadas del Benidorm Fest, a celebrarse esta semana en la ciudad del mismo nombre, son el trío de pandeireteiras gallegas Tanxugueiras. Formado por Aida, Olaia y Sabela, ellas se han ganado el apoyo de muchos eurofans por combinar los sonidos autóctonos de Galicia combinados con sonidos contemporáneos. “Terra” es cantada mayoritariamente en gallegoContinue reading “Tanxugueiras: Un homenaje a la cultura gallega y a las pandeireteiras.”