Eurovision Fam Feature: Going In Too Deep from Kansas

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Public Name [just your first name is fine or a nickname] 

Jordan Davis

Where are you from? 

Topeka, KS, USA

When and how did you discover the Eurovision Song Contest?

I discovered the Eurovision Song Contest shortly after the 2017 contest had ended. I stumbled across a reaction video on YouTube and my interest was piqued enough that I had to look deeper into it!

What is your all time favorite Eurovision Song? 

“This is so tough, but if I HAD to pick, I’d probably choose “In Too Deep” (simply because I love Tijana’s voice), though there are, of course, multiple…..multiple actual favorites haha. “

Who is your favorite Eurovision winner and why? 

“I have to go with the classic “Euphoria” for it’s all around timelessness and the minimalist live performance. “Only Teardrops” and “1944” are also close runner ups, and “Running Scared” is the guiltiest of pleasures.”

What is your favorite Eurovision Contest year and why? 

“I have to be selfish and say 2018. It was the first year that I actually followed the contest in real time and it was right after I had graduated from college, so I have all kinds of positive associations with those songs and that period in my life. The stage was also captivatingly unique since it didn’t have LED screens, so it stands out visually as well.”

If you could change one thing about the Eurovision Song Contest what would it be and why? 

“The most immediate thing I would change would be allowing global esc fans to have better access to official Eurovision (and national selection) content. I know that there are practical reasons why the contest and some national selections can’t simply be broadcast to the U.S., for example, however in a perfect world I’d love to seethe contest itself–at least–consistently supported by Netflix, YouTube, or some other platform.

What do you LOVE about being in the Eurovision fan community?

“I love that there is so much diversity in genre and taste that permeates through different layers of the community. For example, looking for a Eurovision reactor on YouTube? There are so many individuals reacting that cater to different personality types and tastes. You’re a fan of a particular genre of music? There are likely a number of Eurovision songs that will satisfy you. Love a particular country? You can not only check out their Eurovision entries, but also multitudes of national selection entries (when applicable, of course)! It’s nice that there really is a bit of something for anyone open enough to give Eurovision a try.”

What is the hardest thing about being a fan NOT from a participating country?

“The amount of planning that goes into live viewing. Between time differences and VPN use, you really have to sit down and think “okay, how am I going to access this show? Do I want to take off work for the semifinals? Let me block off hours of my afternoon to watch national selections, etc.” It can be fun but it can also be draining.

Please share your TikTok, Twitter or Instagram handle?

Instagram: marshon95

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