Alexandra Rotan: “I’ve learned that hard work pays off…”

2021 was another productive year for KEiiNO, with several singles released throughout the year, one of which was “Monument”, their highly-touted submission for Melodi Grand Prix 2021. It came in second behind TIX’s “Fallen Angel”, but won OGAE’s Second Chance Competition later this year.

For Alexandra Rotan, she’s also had space to grow as a vocalist. Along with working with Tom Hugo on “I Was A Fool”, she also participated in Stjernekamp 2021, where she came in second place. There, she performed covers in a variety of genres, from rock to country and everything else in between.

Which Stjernekamp cover were you proudest of? Which one did you think was the hardest to execute?

“I’m proudest of my opera, and that is probably because I was so scared to do it since it’s so far away from what I usually do. And also my country, when I dared to show more emotions.

“The hardest one was probably the rap, because of the dancing. And also opera of course, technically.”

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from 2021?

“I’ve learned that hard work pays off, and setting goals is more important than ever.”

Seeing Venus incorporates more guitar elements, what was the hardest part of writing the song?

“The song actually came to me right away, so it was not difficult to make it.”

How does it feel to be able to tour again? Any memorable experiences?

“It is lovely. I love playing in front of an audience, so I’m a really happy girl right now!”

What did you think of TIX’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest?

“He was great!”

How have you seen MGP evolve as a Eurovision national selection show?

“I like how the performances look more and more professional every year! Cool spectre of artists.”

What do you think folks can expect from MGP this coming year?

“I have absolutely no idea!”

Photo: Armand Nasiri

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