Who should you be on the lookout for? Pt. 2 [Countries to “WATCH” at #ESC2022]

There are certain countries because of current events, historical context, and early buzz that are on their way to truly wow on the Eurovision stage. In part 1, we highlighted those entries at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Turin, Italy. With 40 total participants you might ALSO be wondering: Who is going to actually put on a show? Look no further, these are the countries most likely pull out all the stops on the stage in Turin.


It’s kicking off the show for good reason. This booming entho-bop is delivered by seasoned vocalist Ronela Hajati. This woman knows what she is doing and all who follow will have the bar set high. With visuals in a music video of a fairytale princess turning into a mythical creature, it is sure that the onstage visuals will make just as much of an impact. After winning Festivali i Këngës, Ronela has already been “tested” live on stage and prevailed.


Clearly born to perform, Israel’s Michael Ben David could cause a stir with his vocal alone. The range is there. The styling is there and Israel is sure to make this performance pack a punch. This uplifting track is bringing a message to the stage of acceptance and all around fabulosity. Get ready to vogue and prepare yourself for a staging package looking to SELL.


This quintessential Eurovision track is being served by a country who knows exactly what they’re doing on the stage. Zdob şi Zdub has already been on the Eurovision stage before with a super memorable performance. They were the act to officially introduce Moldova to Eurovision audiences and this full circle moment will not be forgettable.

San Marino

Italy’s entry isn’t the only act at the Song Contest playing on home turf. Outlandish Achille Lauro, has had performances that have warranted responses from the Vatican— which says a lot. There isn’t much known about how this multitalented performer plans to bring “Stripper” to life but if his past performances at Sanremo are any indication, we are in for a show. This provocateur will not pass up an opportunity to make his mark.


Prepared to be hypnotized. Prepare to be hooked. Prepare yourself for something unexpected in the form of a didactic electronic track teaching us about the importance of holistic health. With a “blink and you’d miss it” reference to what could be advocacy for universal healthcare, this isn’t your run of the mill pop-track. Konstrakta’s performance might be better described as a performance art piece that incorporates music.


Christened one of the top “bops” of Eurovision 2022 by many fans, Spain is elevating the pop-diva genre that so many love to see on the Eurovision Grand Final stage. Chanel Terrero is the embodiment of a triple threat. With a dance break to make your heart skip a beat and a catchy hook you won’t forget, Spain could be dancing their way to victory with “SloMo”.

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