Eurovision Explained: Who should you be on the lookout for? [Countries to “watch” at #ESC2022]

The Eurovision Song Contest is MUST WATCH television but you might be wondering: Who should you be on the lookout for? With 26 countries on the grand final stage and 40 total participants you might be wondering: Where is the cliff notes version of who you need to be checking for. Look no further. Theses are the countries to watch for at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest (so far).


Our host country is truly delivering this year. Not only are they welcoming the whole of Europe for one of the biggest parties in the world, they are also serving up an entry with winner buzz. This buzz isn’t JUST in the Eurovision fan bubble this buzz is bonafide with “Brividi” breaking the record for the most streams in one day on Spotify in Italy and 31 million video views and counting. Translated as “Shivers” this entry is a ballad sung by two young male performers who are ultra cool. Eurovision hasn’t seen back-to-back winners since the 90s with Ireland’s streak. You definitely, want to tune into Eurovision 2022 to see if Mahmood & Blanco make history on home turf.


Recent history has not been kind to the current reigning champion of the Eurovision Song Contest. With 7 wins under their belt the former golden child is now the hungry underdog fighting for their place in the Eurovision Grand Final. This year they are delivering a current and radio-friendly pop tsong called “That’s Rich” served by Brooke Scullion a former The Voice UK participant (she finished 3rd). The package of this entry feels very timely with the cultural reset of HBO Max’s Euphoria. The track is a modern day “You’re So Vain,” and will likely be delivered with ease and spunk. Can Ireland reclaim a spot in the Grand Final? You’ll need to tune in 14 May, 2022, 21:00 CEST


It’s been a tough road for Poland recently. They’ve never won Eurovision and haven’t qualified for the final since 2017, but this year they are hoping to turn the tide. Currently in the top 10 of the betting odds, there is a buzz emanating from the country.

Poland came to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and finished second in its debut year, which is the best placing for the country. They’ve been dominating in Junior Eurovision but at the big kids table it has been a bit of a struggle recently. BUT this year they’ve dusted themselves off with a power ballad call “River” from Krystian Ochman. Born in the states to Polish parents, Massachusetts can claim a little bit of ownership of this performer— Go Patriots?

A winner of The Voice Poland, this guy’s vocal does not falter. The familiar tone and style of this song will instantly get stuck in your head and Poland is surely a country to watch in Turin, Italy.


Politics aside… Wait, that’s not really possible? Given all that is going on in the world it is important to note that Ukraine is ALWAYS a country “to watch” on the Eurovision stage. This powerhouse is always serving something memorable.

Ukraine has already caused a stir after their national selection winner, Alina Pash, withdraw her bid to represent her country at Eurovision. Ukraine has a 100% qualification record at Eurovision so all signs point to Kalush Orchestra setting the stage ablaze with their rap meets Ukrainian folk music number “Stefania”.


Participating in the Contest 59 times and winning in 1985, 1995 and 2009— this Nordic country wants to win again. The masked duo Subwoolfer is serving the song “Give That Wolf A Banana,” and—no, that is not a typo. Norway is sending this elctro-pop dance track just waiting to trend on TikTok. The mystique surrounding this entry likely won’t be revealed until we’re in Turin but even then it may remain. This is the infectious track of Eurovision 2022 and once you dive in, it’ll never leave you.


VIRAL ALERT! Ana Đurić known professional as Konstrakta is serving a critique on health, healthcare, and our society. Divisive as a descriptor is an understatement: “the girls that get it, get it—the girls that don’t don’t“. This entry hits with a punch and is so visually arresting, you won’t ever forget it: biti-biti-biti-biti zdrava.

In a healthy body, in a healthy body the body is healthy, so what do we do now? A sick mind in a healthy body A sad soul in a healthy body A desperate mind in a healthy body A frightened mind in a healthy body So what do we do now?

The entries are still flooding in for the 66th annual Eurovision Song Contest happening in Turin, Italy. This year’s Contest will surely be a spectacular evening of culture, fun and of course music. Don’t miss it: the semifinals and grand final are available to watch in the United States on Peacock.

Year after year there are countries that consistently deliver. Learn more about the Song Contest’s heavy hitters in this short video:

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