DIY Like Stela Cole: Georgia’s Representative for the American Song Contest

Georgia is known for its Southern way of life, from its “cute and charming” accents to its warm hospitality to everybody they meet. However, they also are at the pulse of music, and Stela Cole represents that melange.

Starting out as an athlete, Stela started song-writing to repair herself after a back injury in high school. Rooting up from the hip-hop she listened to before soccer practice, she takes influences from vintage doo-wop to Diana Ross to everything in between. It will reflect in her American Song Contest track, “DIY”, with brass and OutKast-influenced vocals.

Her spirited style is shown through her track, “Love Like Mine”. With a vintage-inspired piano motif and hip-hop production, it showcases her attitude and has garnered over 7 million hits on YouTube.

She released her debut ep, Throwing Up Butterflies in 2018, followed by Woman of the Hour two years later. Though with her loud music, Stela assures DIY would follow with loud staging, as it is a cheeky song.

Will Stela’s song hold up to the hype? Check her out at Tiktok, before her heat at the American Song Contest!

Published by Elda Mengisto

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