Eurovision Fam Feature: Euphoric from Guatemala

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Public Name [just your first name is fine or a nickname]

Where are you from?

When and how did you discover the Eurovision Song Contest?

2014. I was doing my master’s degree in Germany and Conchita won so it was all over the news.

What is your all time favorite Eurovision Song?
Qu├ędate Conmigo (Spain 2012)

Who is your favorite Eurovision winner and why?
Loreen. For me it is and all star song that transcended the Eurovision bubble, it even reached No.1 here in Guatemala (I didn’t even knew Eurovision at that time)

What is your favorite Eurovision Contest year and why?

2012. A lot of quality songs and a Guatemalan born artist represented Denmark ­čśë

If you could change one thing about the Eurovision Song Contest what would it be and why?

The Big 5. I know they are the top contributors but sometimes it feels like they don’t try hard enough.

What do you LOVE about being in the Eurovision fan community?
How people around the globe are passionate about a thing that brings joy.

What is the hardest thing about being a fan NOT from a participating country?
Not having a local community to discuss Eurovision.

Please share your TikTok, Twitter or Instagram handle?
IG: hans_franz_gt.
Twitter: juanfrag

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