Stefan: “I feel that especially now we need hope for a better future”

With his guitar, a cinematic filter, and a tune that could fit in a spaghetti Western movies, Stefan brings to Turin an epic song about resilience, one which he believes the message is necessary today.

S10 is serving a mature and modern sound for Eurovision 2022

She might be one of the younger performers to hit the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Turin, but S10 is bringing a mature and elevated track to the Song Contest stage and has many talking winner potential.

A Winning Formula To Make the American Song Contest Succeed.

The first American iteration of the Eurovision Song Contest is in full swing. Here are some ways the show can come back stronger than ever.

Getting to know Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord: 10 things that might surprise you!

She was in the running to represent Greece this year with some former Eurovision participants and bonafide grecian pop stars; but her authenticity clearly cut through and now she’s representing Greece at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

Brooke Alexx is bringing female empowerment to the American Song Contest

Special effects, choreography and female empowerment are just a few hints at what Brooke Alexx is going to deliver on the American Song Contest stage. Singer-songwriter Brooke Alexx will be representing New Jersey but currently calls Nashville home. This self proclaimed, “pop starlet meets girl-next-door,” cites Taylor Swift as a major influence and that inspirationContinue reading “Brooke Alexx is bringing female empowerment to the American Song Contest”