S10 is serving a mature and modern sound for Eurovision 2022

She might be one of the younger performers to hit the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Turin, but S10 is bringing a mature and elevated track to the Song Contest stage and has many talking winner potential.

This song, in Dutch, is serving native language realness that was so appreciated by televoters at Eurovision 2021 to #ESC2022. S10 notes that it was always the plan to bring a song in Dutch as she feels most natural expressing herself in Dutch. This natural and authentic vibe is allowing this 21 year old to remain grounded and no doubt accessible for Eurovision viewers.

S10 looking effortlessly chic in her Italian hotel’s courtyard speaking with Alesia Michelle

When planning how she wanted to deliver the emotionally triumphant “De Diepte,” it was important for her to make sure that no matter how she’d be styled she needed to look like “herself”. This isn’t a performer craving to transformer herself on stage, this is a performer looking to expose herself— every vulnerability and potential flaw is packaged in a way that viewers can inevitably identify with.

” I never really think about writing songs when I write— I always just do it… When I go to the studio I just GO.”


When I asked her if there was a song from Eurovision 2022 that she’d like to remix and make her own she didn’t stop at naming just one song. She’s a fan of all the entries bringing something ethnic and upbeat to the Song Contest. From France’s entry to Romania’s, S10 would love to try her hand at an ethno-bop that would bring Eurovision fans to their feet.

A Few Fun Facts

Favorite color: Black
Favorite Food: Dutch Pancakes
She has a twin brother!
She loves hip hop music— from Kanye West to Young Leen, she cites several hip hop artists as inspirations

“I think Eurovision is one of the biggest stages to do whatever you want.”


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