Getting to Know Mia Dimšić — More Than a Guilty Pleasure

Translation, tambura, and Taylor Swift–all things make up Mia Dimsic, who has a strong musical resume to offer. As a star singer breaking through country music, “Guilty Pleasure” reflects her understated style and songwriting.

Eurovision Explained: The Running Order

For over a decade,  Eurovision’s running order for both the Semi-Final One and Semi-Final 2 as well as the Grand Final have been determined by the European Broadcast Union Producers and ultimately approved by the Executive Supervisor and the Chairman of the Reference Group. In January, broadcast the Semi-Final Allocation Draw. The Allocation DrawContinue reading “Eurovision Explained: The Running Order”

Eurovision 2022: The Songs That Could Have Been [National Selection Season Angst]

At Eurovision 2022 there were some songs that could have been on the stage but they were left in the national selections. Here we are highlighting those entries that could have been on the Eurovision 2022 stage