National Finals Explained– Söngvakeppnin

Iceland was the last of the Nordic Nations to join the Eurovision family in 1986. Since their debut, the primary way the country as selected their Eurovision entries has been via their national final “Söngvakeppnin”. Despite the country’s small population, there is often something for everyone’s taste in the line up. Format “Söngvakeppnin” typically consistsContinue reading “National Finals Explained– Söngvakeppnin”

National Finals Explained — Melodifestivalen

A Swedish institution which gets even more viewers than Eurovision itself, Melodifestivalen is known for its poppy songs, slick production, and incorporation of international trends. What should you know about this well-known national final?

National Finals Explained — Sanremo

Before there was Eurovision, there’s the Sanremo Music Festival, one of Italy’s most loved institutions. More than a mere national final, it’s an entertainment spectacle filled with music, banter, and some of the unexpected. Hold on tight!

National Finals Explained — Vidbir

In the first of our national finals series, we look at Vidbir! Ukraine’s new national selection is known for its wide diversity of songs, as well as the controversies involved in its current political climate.