UNIQUE: “As long as you sing with your heart, any sound can reach”

We continue our series of interviews with the Benidorm Fest artists for its inaugural edition in 2022 and that will be taking place this Saturday, January 29th. BF will serve as the new national final organized by TVE to select Spain’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Next to have a chat with us are Matt, Arman, Valen & Gio who form boyband UNIQUE. Their song “Mejores” is an anthem about unity and friendship.

Where do you see Spanish music going in the future, and how can you represent that on a European stage?

Music is evolution, nobody knows where it is going, but if you had to bet on a sound, surely reggaeton, tribal sounds, which can be very popular in Europe. As long as you sing with your heart, any sound can reach, in Europe, and all over the world.

What were your first memories at Eurovision, and are there any songs you like from previous contests?

It is very difficult to choose between so much talent, but Mans Zelmerlow from Sweden, with his staging, or Norway with Alexander Rybak and the way he played that violin, and of course Mikolas Josef from the Czech Republic with his great song “Lie to Me”

What was the songwriting process like?

It was hard, we only had one month to compose an anthem, and we are very satisfied with the result. Keep in mind that the process of composing is something artistic, so you can’t do it every day, we have been working on “Mejores” in the wee hours of the morning.

Courtesy by UNIQUE

How do you feel about getting a new fan base across the world, like Latin America, for example? Where would you like to perform if you got the chance?

It is a great honour, a great pride to know that our music transcends frontiers. We hope to travel soon to Latin America to launch our music to more corners of the world.

Dream collaborations?

We hope to do some collaborations with some of our colleagues from Benidorm Fest. At Eurovision level, hopefully with Eleni Foureira or Netta.

You are not the only band on this edition but are the only boy band competing in Benidorm, what makes Unique different from what’s out there in the music market?

We are unique, each one of us is from a different place, we have a different sound, we believe in the song, we have a great message, that hopefully, they will let us take to Europe.

How have you received the reactions from both fans on social media, plus other outlets about your song “Mejores“?

The truth is very good, people love our song, we receive a lot of support, it’s a great pride.

As Benidorm Fest is fast approaching, could you tell us anything about your stage show?

We can’t tell you much, but it’s going to be shocking for the good. Let’s dance, let’s sing, let’s enjoy.

Finally, as you’re part of the first group of artists to participate at Benidorm Fest, and seeing the positive reactions from both Eurovision fans & the general public, what advice do you have to anyone who would consider applying next year?

Keep fighting, don’t give up, the road is long and hard, but you have to try. Be brave and go for it.

Photos: UNIQUE

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