IS BRIVIDI THE REVENGE OF SOLDI? Part Two — Sanremo and song #9 at Eurovision

It’s too soft to win, I thought. Little did I know at the time that the fragility I perceived as the achilles heel that evening I’d call the greatest strength of Brividi today.

Eurovision Explained: Who should you be on the lookout for? [Countries to “watch” at #ESC2022]

Where is the cliff notes version of who you need to be checking for. Look no further. Theses are the countries to watch for at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest (so far).

The American Song Contest has arrived. An American Eurovision fan thinks…

The American Song Contest is totally separate from the Eurovision Song Contest, but will this possibly affect the Eurovision? There will be total 56 artists hoping to win the honor of “Best Hit Song,” and it could be a solo artist, duo, group or band.